Our executive leadership brings together a high-performing team of veteran energy and real estate professionals with hands-on experience working with suppliers and sustainability partners.

Leslie Williamson

Managing Principal

For over two decades, Leslie has been immersed in complex real estate transactions on all sides of the table, facilitating the local and national buying process for landlords, tenants, asset managers and receivers from opportunity qualification through implementation and closing. With a focus on strategic planning, Leslie implements solution-centric methodologies for high profile organizations across a wide range of industries including finance, energy, environmental, healthcare, technology, insurance, and logistics.

Leslie took advantage of the downturn in the commercial real estate market to learn the energy business from the inside out. As an Energy Manager for one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the country, Leslie furthered her understanding of “The Total Spend”, structuring large electrical supply contracts using customized index and fixed-pricing strategies that were tailored to her clients’ needs. She also implemented several Energy Efficiency projects utilizing sustainable lighting solutions and procuring customer rebates, and assisted various clients in understanding how to nominate load for curtailment (energy reduction) projects.


Real Energy RES, LLC has an energy management team that is a fast paced and quickly growing group. These individuals are located in both deregulated and regulated markets. They work with companies looking to reduce energy consumption and costs. This includes combining energy efficiency, technology, and analytical and communication skills to assist clients in reaching their energy goals.